Walter the Water Vole

Walter the Water Vole lives in a hole

In the banks of the River Cam.

He’s worried by 21st century words

Like Development, Driveway and Dam.

Although he’s a rodent he isn’t a rat

Short tail and small ears will convince you of that.

Herbivorous, peaceful, yet wary, that’s him,

Sometimes you may see him enjoying a swim.

He keeps close to cover when out for a walk

Aware of the threat of a hovering hawk.

But a yet greater hazard hangs over this home:

Replacement by concrete of good honest loam.


A country vole like Walter does not have the ability

To cope with what is called a recreational facility.


So Walter’s wish is simply that

We will protect his habitat

And Nature lovers, hear the call

To regulate the urban sprawl.

That when by river bank you stroll,

You may see Walter Water Vole.

© Friends of Ditton Meadows 2017         Terms and Conditions