Friends of Ditton Meadows

Friends of Ditton Meadows was established in January 2015 as a self-organised group with the purpose of protecting this historical and significant area of natural beauty set on the banks of the river Cam close to the village of Fen Ditton.   Map 

Our objectives:

To protect Ditton Meadows from the current threat of development, namely the proposed new bridge across the meadow.

To oppose the talked about guided bus-way across the meadows.

To oppose any development on the meadows in the future.

To preserve and safeguard the conservation status of the meadows as an ancient wild space in the long term.

To  be actively involved as a group with landowners and other groups in the overall stewardship and management of the meadows (whether it be litter picking, agreeing the correct time to trim the hedges, dealing with illegal camping and mooring, maintenance access through the gateways etc.).

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